Welcome to nofenders 2.0

Hopefully you’ve come here from my main nofenders.net Blogsite as an interested follower of my latest scribblings…

This WordPress.com account has been created as a temporary “Stop-gap” measure while my Blogmeister Miguel tries to make my default (Original) nofenders.net Blogsite return to its normal operating capacity which is set to expire on Saturday, May 1, 2010, courtesy of the fine folks at Google.com.

This WordPress.com Blog account was created on March 25th as you can see below, and I’ve since successfully managed to post one entry on it, before relaunching the site with this post to alert my loyal readers that there’s a potential Blogger.Com Meltdown (Avalanche) just around the corner in a fast approaching 24 days… To which I’ll try to keep you updated on before my Holiday departure in a scant Dozen Days; YIKES!

Thanks for reading this! If anybody has any suggestions on how to resolve the upcoming Blogger.Com NIGHTMARE, please feel free to post them in the comments section below…


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